Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kit Kelen #356 - out of thin air

out of thin air

first light comes

it falls to us

a moment we might
swim for, from
makes fish of each
first blurry

so you sleep through it
dream a high hill climbing
lumber of ducks
dust settled

only later
bend into the day
ear first

reaching where

everything waits to be read
like all the years collected here
mysteries piled
it's not me whistling

come to the holes in my socks
like the place in the painting peers in
so we're after other worlds

we're the eruption

the canvas marred
yet to re-prime

let cool night air in
ahead of day's heat

and whipbirds, where?

kookaburra sits for a tree
a certain maze, leaf curtain
thin air is the branch-between

still higher
the little ones
too fast to name
come fetching
treetops of this breeze

it doesn't matter what they say
everything is true

ants carry off a certain scent
and ardent at it
trick memory

today's being as tomorrow's are

what flower is come colouring
thin air

as lit upon
by cast of eye?

all of the gods are hidden here 


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  1. It doesn't matter what they say everything is true.....perfect.


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