Friday, December 23, 2016

Kit Kelen #359 - vajrasana - come to rest

come to rest

I have some summer in my bones

just where I am
and happen to be

with skies
and time's tune stopped

is the soul so far?
up down or
where the hands move on
the heart is still

a watch of mists
and clearing, stars

day stretches into me
and day after that

they're like a map
you could see into
if you were three-dimensional
carrying on in real time


no stone to turn
all explanations cease
when one is comfortable in doubt
in mystery, uncertainty –
these are the mind's pyjamas

am I off the map?
or fallen through?

I think I'm swimming under

come to be
and here
and blessed

I've a cloud to float
keep close tethered
to a Christmas wish
it feeds on sky falling

like a favourite tree
all limbs thrown out
in a fit
for some jest
gesticulating for the breezes

and then come to rest
an eye among still leaves
like a visit of wings all sizes

like the tune in mind
runs on unbidden


the past has a bad name
yet we still speak of it

day to its own devices
lets the paths become

through door
by hearth

and come to rest
from conversation
from contradiction
from having to play heroes

or simply afoot with doings of day

laid back
and further, reclining
well into the book

only the ball truth to inscribe
by incantation
radio thrown

and I'm all ears
that's how
I let the world in

old summer bones
and much digressed

the rain forgets its falling
ants are up me crawling
it's all they know to do


clean breast of it
that's how the just sleep

where the sun sinks
must be west

in the still before Christmas
in the little dark distance
between us and light
rest comes
to the wicked
at last 


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  1. Very moving and vastly layered depth - Kit and this image works as a very masterful scrolling device, rest at last :) indeed!


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