Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kit Kelen #361 - Christmas poem

Christmas poem

Jesus Christ was a man
and he travelled through the land
hard working man and brave
but the bankers and the preachers
they nailed him to a cross
and they laid Jesus Christ in his grave
Woody Guthrie

lovely and wonderful
snow white and wise

antler, bearded, fleet of foot
tsunami surfing

something Christmas
this way comes

preach to the creatures'
deaf ears

yule is a wrap
with bow and sticky
paper festive, cellophanous
best say my Christmas now
for threepence in the pud
dried fruit

o fellow perfection of birth
infant Christ
be saving me
I sin
today at the top of my sinning game

all are
be innocent with me
make mild

toys for the season – that's who we are
nothing more sinister

o Christmas be fat
be chewey and savour

and Christmas bright
at a dram

come down the chimney

be sleigh-light
and saviour

leave out the garbologist beer
grace is such a state
and quaff

slot cars!
must have followed a star
no other way here
it's the best story

full grown
other end
how the poor boy gets up
takes it from the fuckers
and he's smarter than anyone

lego meccano

carpenter – builds many mansions
(dad's got room to add on
the other dad I mean)
gets out on the water for fish

young fellow too
courage of convictions I'd say
doesn't mind washing feet
for a gesture


seems prophetic
that's how it is to be foretold
it's all behold
and prepare ye a way

gets up on a hill for a soapbox
and spills
He knows how to share

knows the crowd and works it
he goes just a soul at a time
truth by truth
it's always your choice

look at him now
all manger and gurgle
curl of loose straw in his ear
who wouldn't come
and adore him like this?

it's all ahead of him today

and it's personal
the Christmas business
you could yourself be born

you could
climb to the top of the tree
but that's nothing
heavens are always above

doesn't everyone's story run like this
snake was travelling when we met

so who's a subtle beast?

smell of Christmas is in the bush
cicada hum to say

banksia women
coo-ee for the lost today

o wise wonderful
gum be scribbled
here's another story
we'll never read

I do believe it's an art we're at
more beautiful than we ever knew
just to be where we are 

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