Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kit Kelen #362 - pet boxes

pet boxes

wherever an ant
there's on the way

this how they were borne
not wise men
but a caravan

on needle carpet
under tree sprawled
spent secrets
open to the world

one with a swimming pool
then lift going up
slot cars flown into stray plaster
here was your face most meaning
with the card discarded

flat box on the wall
and the other worlds in it
static and then ribbons got gone
sticky still is

all future motions
of the spheres were pent
they are the nameless left
Christmas was

and out of one leapt me once

a caravan of far and away
queuing for the sales

now it's always almost breakfast

even the socks have gone to foot

box frolic
of the open hearts
are out in zen garden

how the empties dance
isn't all the world coming to this? 


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