Monday, December 19, 2016

Kristen de Kline - #45 - the day I tried to live

the day I tried to live
I get it, I really do
it was never a song about offing yourself
you could see that straight away
he said he was trying hard
     to be normal
     hang around people
not live in a cave
     not blow it
          all off

why are you speaking
when did you stop making

you'd been crushed down
butted out
less than zero
locked up fucked off

the day you tried to live
you woke up to face
another day
a black hole sun
a little ray of sunshine

does a black hole sun let light in?
a sliver, a shard, a ray...
are black holes
     as dark
          as artists paint them?

the day I tried to live
I could hear someone
inhaling exhaling
sniffing sighing snorting lines
somewhere over the rainbow
     seize the day
     good times
          are possible again
you wake up face the sun
someone's bleached the black hole
toned it down
a shade or two
you face the sun you wake up


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