Monday, December 26, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #360 Taking the cloth

My new dress is silk
through and through
sitting in the light lit corner
I can see it sheening
and I think
that all the cloths
are measured by their weight and heft
their weave and weft
cotton cool and wick
woolen prick
like a hair shirt in micron measures of fleece
linen holding its own
the wheydripped cheesecloth slub
babied in jersey knit
the closest to the warmth of someone
a Christmas gift pillowcase is of tencel
with the unexpected addition
of the crushed shells of crustaceans
to retain your moisture while you sleep
the strangeness of discoveries
the things we put upon our skin
striving for the feel of nothing
or bearskins
or leathers
petroleum drawn
insects unspun
walk through the scrim 
and muslin air uncovered
fidget upon the sitting sacking itch
gauzy veiled from pleated view
blindfolded in our vocation
since we have taken the cloth

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