Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New York Memory, Manly Cafe - Day 13, Sara Dowse

Schraft’s was the name,
the place?
It could be anywhere
it could be here
so many miles
so many moons away.
She told me this about the city:
There are so many lonely people
So many lonely people here.
Small town girl
who stuffed herself with broken cookies
bored with potatoes and pickles
the customers who came
and what they came for.

Here they come for music,
chatter, sugar,
to glance at a paper,
a break in the day with a baby,
couples, and agents doing deals.
He writes with his left hand,
her coffee cools,
and, over in the corner,
a table with a pretty woman
grown too large and lonely
for her face.

Yes, Schraft’s was the name,
here it's called Ground Zero.
Is there an irony I've missed?
Yet I am certain
a cup has overturned.

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