Thursday, December 22, 2016

Robert Verdon, #396, middle class circles (song)

one day

fingering a guitar that records every lick

no matter how incompetent

I think, absurdly,

first stones will fall into world ponds like lava bombs —

automated cars, why not guitars

putting out of work the homeless busker

on the noisy, naughty corner

today we must take the cat to the vet

we all hate it

dawn nictitates on a branch

we turn in lower middle class circles

in our early model car

finally find the place

I buy a chicken later and honk at pigeons on the road

it’s Christmas, again

the Pentagon is writing scholarly papers

about urban warfare

to make Aleppo like a Teddy Bears Picnic

and Yemen like Biafra

when all humanity lives in megacities

the earth will return to greenery

if faintly radioactive

we move from interesting times

to boring certainties

Allahu Akbar!

I give a few bucks to the beggar at the shops

I go back to fingering my licks



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