Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #352 chutzpa

the door is open I push it gently
she is there with her exuberance
she jumps and I hold her with all
that doggy pleasure found nowhere else

out the back something strange
a sea of umbrellas and young people
partying I ask how they got in without keys  

we live on the second floor  
but the house has only one floor
time to explore this odd new old place

climbing the stairs I discover the top
floors are being pulled apart
walls removed new structures added

inside I fume and chuckle caught
between the chutzpa of this invasion
but not its loss

I tell them I own this place
it occurs to me that I should be dialing 000
for the police but I am conflicted

the end is in the beginning I walk
out the front door onto the street
look up and see the complex construction
taking place walk away with my dog


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