Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wildly Green # 110 Claine Keily

She wears the same
white shirt to work
almost every day
her teeth are a little yellow
she wears glasses
only drinks tea
teaches physics
though once she was a psychologist
she is one of the
most beautiful women
I have ever seen

She blows bubbles
in the office
warns me of
a rumour going around
tells me she has heard
someone is not giving enough
feedback to the students

She takes me to the garden
past the other teachers
to tell me of the whisperings
in the event it may be me

I tell her no
there is no need to worry
I have proof this cannot be me

I love her for these whispers

She blows bubbles
in the office
and none of this
is a metaphor
and yes the garden we spoke in
was wildly green


  1. Ah so wildly green - love the whisperings and the (non metaphorical) bubble blowing in the office - most vivid!

    1. Thanks Kristen. I will never forget her blowing bubbles!

  2. Such a graceful - and gracious - poem.


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