Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 291 - Corner on Two Wheels

Corner on Two Wheels

I couldn’t see before that the hoverfly so high
could fly    a blither moving dottily
 across the winter    me still fighting
urges to descend into the lotus pond
burrow deep in mud     await the Spring
and flower pink     the sun how do you go
from hot to not     I go back inside the house
I rummage through the wardrobes
where are the solar flares
I set aside for showing to the grandkids
when they came     dear god     we
know the seasons come  do we
have to go
through this    again


  1. someone keeps cranking this damned planet round
    just when we've got things just right

    1. I think they are in a Japanese Anime too Kit!

  2. Indeed Kerri - do we have to go througn this again?!!! In agreement with Kit - I think someone is toying with the planet - or perhaps the planets (plural!)


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