Friday, August 4, 2017

Kit Kelen #580 - not a thing

not a thing
(winter saunters off in the old pyjamas)

nothing to do in the morning
but sun says
after all rain steaming
here's the track
away you go

hours the sun shows
are greener than leaf

all to do is suit myself
dawdle if doddle
then lunch

there was some scribble in there

the afternoon's a weight in gold
though somewhere in eternity
one gets a glimpse
of where time's running out of me
see the stain
see how it still pours
read reflections there

face them
cattle bright
tea on the terrace
what hills!

in particular
nothing to do today
no deadlines, no diary filled

the bush goes round when I do
takes the sun with it
and stars much farther
darkest nights

I think the world
might work that way

I task for it a moral coda
look up to the heavens
(you can't help that)

best I can manage is

gather your kindling
find a nice log

better keep on
keep going
that's all

that's what your last sun
will say

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