Sunday, August 6, 2017

Somewhere along the highway # 112 Claine Keily

She keeps thinking
not long now
only six more weeks
till there is a break
and she can hope
to begin to function
then she will
begin to repair the car
broken on the roadway
then she will
put mesh on the cage
and know again
what it is to ride
but only if
the car does not break down again
somewhere along the highway


  1. put mesh on the cage
    like a key in my apartment
    my car is safe again

  2. Replies
    1. Good point! I did write this in a rush buried in a pile of marking. I will fix it!

    2. Things are dire indeed - both the person is malfunctioning and so is the car. But hopefully a few weeks will see the pair of them revving down somewhere along the highway :)

    3. Indeed Kristen, a road trip is what is needed here

    4. Ha. Us, we go anywhere. Mostly fast. Mostly hot, I reckon. :)


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