Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kerri Shying R - # 151 - Dogs home

Dogs home

it was not the word
envisaged when I got
the dog   he was
a scruff all breeds   Heinzy
 hung at the back door smiling
manging on his bone

I could hear the thumping
of that thick tail   hard on hot
concrete   walk walk
walk  ball ball ball

fuck   my husband said
he’s a real parochial
dog isn’t he?

 I broke the glass   it slid on
blood and soapy washing up
water   evading pincer fingers
 put the note inside my head

get the locksmith
this one’s over.


  1. Dear Kerri, I like this very much. Forgive me, but do you think it might benefit from one more stanza after the husband?

    1. no forgive needed Rob, I love good eyes on what things need. I will look into it. xx


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