Thursday, December 8, 2016

Magdalena Ball #24: Emotional Landscapes

Emotional Landscapes

showing up again in a state
the ground won’t stop shaking
tectonic plates crash and break

my heart beats on the outside
left my body
gone into the world
at constant risk

it thumps erratically
behaves recklessly
throws itself about

no one else panics
emergency bells don’t ring
all I hear is birdsong
a welcome swallow chirping easily
the blue black flash, a forked tail

I breathe into an invisible paper sack
count to five on the in breath
five on the out, repeat

weather patterns move slowly
across my face
bands of precipitation
convection currents
flash across my eyes, lips
the mind drawn into itself
as recursive fog
then, stormlike, it clears

it’s all in the breath
the passage of air
lung lobed alveoli
ten thousand joys enter
ten thousand sorrows exit, repeat

the body starts working

Note: The title is from Björk's "Joga"

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  1. ujjayi breath is a wonderful thing, and so is your writing.


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