Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kerri Shying R - # 163 - Patti sings in the new dark ages in Sweden

Patti sings in the new dark ages in Sweden

these are the dark days    still the
cash registers

ring the times in coin   say we are
the soil sons   daughters of plentiful

home   from war   from peril  stood
splay-legged    there on the shoulders

of the clay-coloured 
people   brown and worse  suspicion

clings to them   snails on a baby lettuce
head   too delicious   they the husks of

past wars    rattling in the barns
rusting up our crop   the bumper

sale Black Friday Cyber Monday
wallop went the scud  

the walls stop only people
money zero one zero

one zero never done   another float
today   undrown-ed in
the corpse-full seas


  1. This is a wonderful poem, Kerri. I loved Patti’s performance too - such deep humanity/so richly honest, and appropriate.

  2. I wanted to say something too,
    wallop went the scud and k-ching marks so much these new dark ages. Thanks Kerri.


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