Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Letter Never Sent to Ga Ho

So I am completely new to this blog thing because I have only recently moved out of the cave I've lived in my whole life.  Eventually I will get more info about myself up on the site, but in the meantime here is a Poem/Song/Story about a woman in a much derided profession that I have been working on.  It has a much darker tone than my typical work:

Letter Never Sent to Ga Ho
Gaho, the paint on these walls is pulling free in strips,
where the concrete weeps and the Air Con drips,
I've taken a shower more times than I can count today,
Cheap soap covers their sweat but doesn't take it away,

Gaho, a year ago on the 4th of April, I told you a lie,
Said I met a Hong Kong business man, and this was our final goodbye,
Never had not telling the truth burnt my tongue so bad,
And when it comes to lying, this is hardly my first try,

Gaho, Those bulbs are too much for these cheap plastic shades,
but their burnt yellow light hides the luster that fades,
I keep them turned off as much as I possibly can,
I don't want to see, or be seen by some strange man.

Gaho, Were you as shocked as I was? Is the pain still fresh as new?
Whenever you stop being busy a second, does it take the wind from you?
I never cleaned hotel rooms or sold bus tickets on the street,
I've massage many customers, but only men, and never their feet,

Gaho, Sometimes, I am so busy don't have time to eat any rice,
Other times it's so slow I read the same magazine twice,
Not much to look forward to, so I try not to look anywhere,
Maybe with practice, even I'll believe I don't care,

Gaho, Ah -Ba's chicken farm is never going to make any money,
Po-po can't work again unless the doctors fix her eyes,
Mama doesn't earn much at the cigarette factory,
and who is going to pay the school fees for daai daai?

Gaho, The older girls play mahjong, they got nothing to loose,
Our pay goes down with time, and they waited too long to choose,
I hope I’m smart enough, before all my youth they use,
To cash in these high heels and buy a pair of walking shoes,

Gaho, I pray every morning that today I'll think of nothing,
Cause when think of something, seeing you makes me cry,
I hope there's a good girl for you there in Chong Hing,
Whose family can afford to let her marry a decent guy,

Gaho, Auntie's a tough woman, she’s always suspicious of a trick,
If she sees you dreaming of leaving to the wall she adds a brick,
But I should be alright as long as I don't gamble or get sick,
Don’t owe her any money and don’t own nothing you can’t leave quick.
It's a blessing for a poor family to have a girl that's pretty,
Always pray for sons, but they’re not the ones who bring money,
But's a curse to be the daughter who’s just a valuable body,
If I could, Perhaps, I would, They sure deserve, one time when I think only about me..

I'd grab that cash box on the next busy night,
No one could stop me, I'd scratch, I’d kick, I’d bite,
Take the first train west, and from there I’d hike
You'd jump out your window when you heard my voice,
Into a waiting taxi your heart ‘d give you no choice,
And when we got to Yunnan that night
Where the roads stop we'd buy a bike ,
I'd get on the back rack arms around you tight
my legs off the side under a dress that's white
And we'd ride off to Shangri-La
To greet the morning light.

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