Friday, December 9, 2016

Kristen de Kline #40 - not your finest hour 1

Senior Constable What's Her Name
pretty hot doesn't know
you've got a thing for Women In Uniform
by the end of the night that's all it took
hot cop what's-her-name cuffed you for Grand Theft Auto
sit in the car, turn on the engine
it idles, hesitantly,
in the midnight hour
you, things, you
     folded up, un-folded,
psycho ex serves you with a payback AVO
phone hang up phone hang up phone hang up
own worst enemy can't help yourself

hot cop: this is a very serious offence
this will go down on your permanent record
crank up the Violent Femmes meth-head
     - oh yeah, well don't get so distressed
where am I going to sleep
try the bank, CBA devours your card
Suncorp bank statement: $3.59
been cleaned out ... nice real nice ....
crank up the Femmes from the blizzard of ice
     - did I happen to mention that I'm impressed?
where am I going to sleep
you can all kiss off into the air
tracks at the station why not why
beyond my back, I can see them stare
you can all kiss off
into the air
do I care


  1. hey yeah Rob ... They do it all the time ... Have to insert that line.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Efi:) I worry it's a bit full on sometimes!

    2. You can pull it off, Kristen. Hard to do. :)


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