Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rob Schackne #190 - Clockwork Dumb

Clockwork Dumb

                         after Kristen de Kline

Clockwork dumb in brisk parade

all those years ago in school
we walked invisible in plain view
changing primary colors into drab air
the world we found after hiding school 
it didn't care much it couldn't feel
our quick new magic hands
we were invisible creatures
celebrated poets with priors
in hiding town where the living lost their bones
ghosts without a bargain or a plea
eventually lose their power of speech
but some will hobble down the beach
to gaze at the long shoreline of little lives
at the billions taken by oceanic imagination
rendered featureless by awesome tides.


  1. tremendous, Rob — I'm speechless.

  2. wow Rob - this is an absolutely incredible poem - really hit me in the gut (the way only fabulous poems can!). I only found it today when I was re-reading old poems. Thank you so much dear Rob - I am more then touched by it!


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