Sunday, December 11, 2016

Rob Schackne #192 - Before The Devil Knows You're There (2)

Before The Devil Knows You’re There (2)

There are all those intricacies of the heart
the practitioners themselves don't understand
there's no smart score or transcript to refer to
finally coming home after a long and hellish day
if only drive-time radio announced a better ploy
a tip or two to manage safely through the door
the poodle is no problem she's always happy
the kids are happily miserable they are not you
the wife claims she's had a long and hellish day too
now she says she yearns to tango in Argentina
and the dinner has been mysteriously cancelled
you look at one another without hope, is this love
once we had no hunger for anyone in the world
and we talked as if our life depended on it.

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