Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kristen de Kline #41 - somewhere in the world

in the world
it's five o'clock
someone's cracking open a tinnie
topping up the Vervue
measuring a nip, carefully: make it level ...

a Cornish Rex is loose on the roof, wailing
Chess boxes are waiting, nervously
random lady with the unfortunate surname Cox
sends you cryptic messages:
then a text from an unlisted mobile
BEEP: bitch I'll get you bitch ...

somewhere it's five o'clock
the sun is setting in Tallin Cairo Suva
someone's taunting you:
- Is that you Mrs Cox?
vague whisperings about my permanent record
- oh yeah, did I happen to mention that I'm impressed?
a heart splinters
    into toffee-like shards
you're finding it harder to breathe
     where's my puffer
somewhere in the world
     someone is cracking open a beer
you've located three red rubber handled tongs
eleven bottle openers a spaghetti server
      but no cutlery
things that get lost in the move in the night:
forks knives heart-shaped spoons
bag of Science Diet cat food
five black IKEA bookcases
things that get lost go bump in the night
at five o'clock somewhere in the world
someone's screeching: I'm free..
you're cracking open a beer
it feels bloody good
getting lost going bump
somewhere, deep deep inside

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