Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Estate Claine Keily # 54

She worked to pay for
a house
near to a fine school system

On weekends
she could not afford
to go to the local
expensive solarium
so she sponged herself
in cooking oil
and lay in the
heat beside the
two car garage
and smiled
as she baked
the Realtor who had mentioned
that if she moved the rhododendron bushes
the garage could be
converted into an extra bedroom


  1. Love it Claine - it really hits the mark, the spot, whatever - well, TBH it hit me in the gut! Fabulous - really packs a punch and resonates for me.

  2. People are referring to my poems as 'punches' as of late. Thanks. It is interesting to know of people's responses. I will have a look at yours Kristen!


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