Monday, January 30, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 186 Bury The Lede

Bury the Lede

We  are our own stories now    unpinned from places    times
  sans the facts   minus the figures  

people trade    in futures    please don’t    tell them  anymore
 rustic hocus pocus  superstition  fit for peasants  those  that

don’t have one foot    stuck hard   in the IT  door   so the element
 of suspense   drained   

 a once-wetland of wonder

shoved into the twenty-four-hour news cycle   day in day out
 no rinse    all spin    

when you take the delicates from the

pillowcase   where they used to hang    it all just looks tawdry
the story it is me   the story it is me and you   the story it is   

 how I feel   about    me-and-you-against -the world   who I say the world is
 what I  see from this pile   this stuff and nonsense heap   minus a yard and

give or take these   forty acres and a mule    sacred flag   they fought
  for freedom    other ways to measure land     fibre   air and sea  no space 

but here   inside   
  hell   what a balcony  
 out here on the terrace   we sit   
   what a view


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