Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Robert Verdon, #414, dole or hole

welcome to Central Stink

we’re here to help you

dole or hole?

living without an address

to which Centrelink can post

unconscionable demands of its customers

no life-sapping computer or phone or tv

returning to peasant agriculture

in city parks or on the edge

of town

avoiding the two-party

one-party state of property-owners

like a soldier of fortune

with no fortune

in a foxhole without a gun

or even a Bible

and passing the time

with poetry and cask wine

no need for money or tax or bank accounts

and no need for funeral insurance





  1. wrap me up with me stockwhip and blankets...

  2. blankets in this weather are truly masochistic! :)

  3. Jeez, Robbie. Good (and scary) poem. Capitalism doesn't take care of its own very well. Redistribute!

  4. reading this cheers up one's mood so much !! thanks!


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