Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rob Schackne #223 - One Bad Man

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One Bad Man

                        (after a photograph by Jack Picone)

a body stinks a cycle of change
after which it quickly goes to hell
the victims stay keening to the side

one Bad Man swims to its next life
in a giant sardine thrown in with the dirt
warlord rapist murderer pimp

spitting of course derides the horror
there is chanting and there is silence
and there are drums to alert the spirits

there is shame it wasn't sooner stopped
sorrow they couldn't punish it enough
what it did and what it may do again 

some hope their tears are not wasted
as they wonder why it earned a plot
in this earth where it caused so much pain

the people throw rubbish and piss
all the shit they no longer want
into the empty hole


  1. Wow Rob ... that you nailed!
    tough, uncompromising - equal somehow to those evil forces.

    1. Cheers, Jeffree. Many drafts of this today, about 12 hours of brewing soul-salt, so I'm very pleased that you think it's cooked. :)

  2. Hey Rob, totally agree with Jeffree - you nailed one bad man and all he represents - the sooner he's buried in the empty (shit) hole the better. Reminds me of the abject nature of the mundus. Powerful writing :)

  3. I just got all alabama/boston hotpocket at the end, the slimy thing made me feel the revulsion right through; and I think you got the harshness of the feelings the bitterness of that taste. Sometimes you have to leave the excrement in to get things right. xx

    1. Yes, dear Kerri, and may the power of the curse bury them forever.


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