Friday, January 27, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 186 - Installing bars

Installing bars

I put up some baby gates to keep the dog out
of my work rooms   it cut off two thirds of the house

and he looked sad  but it was a necessity  he whispered
in my ear  you are the foot of Captain Cook

I  am not    I told him    you keep pissing on my papers
learn some manners   so each night we lay down

together in the same bed     this grudge of bars of
nomenclature   between us and this   this was the year I stopped

eating the animals   so now when I look at pictures
of recipes   maybe ones of   like roasts   all I see is

dead birds   I feel sad  now   the bars   the sadness
drunk people     and  all the ways to think of being

better than the next thing
hit  me like a brick 

 thrown overarm, and hard


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