Monday, January 30, 2017

Licence # 59 Claine Keily

She was left
to wrap up the
each afternoon
alone in the apartment
her hair sticking to her temples
as she had closed the door
to block out the flies

The suit
shoulder padded and black
that she wore to work
was now cast aside
next to her transparent stockings
as he spoke to her
about how much their life had improved
since he had attained his licence
then pressed the chrome
buttons to change her choice
of television stations


  1. Powerful and punchy as usual, you describe so well this ordinary cruelty of husbands towards their wives .. .. as transparent as the stockings! locked into their world which men are unaware of, deprived from tenderness and sharing ... so sad and still so true ...

    1. Thanks Beatrice. It is sad that this is still so true.


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