Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cameos # Claine Keily 123

She is not sure when
she began to measure houses
by the amount of rice they could hold
and of how many people that amount
could feed for a year

For a long time now
she had noticed
the winter coming

When the performance was staged
beside the swimming pool
she remembered her youth
days spent rubbing in
suntan oil
while hotel guests
and children frolicked

This is how it goes here
the drummers drum
the dancers dance
and all here have
in their own way
a life lived in twenty minute cameos


  1. it is really quite amazing how much rice you could fit in your average Australian house ...
    but I'm not sure where this kind of silo thinking will get you
    and you'll need some pretty fancy maths to get it down on paper


  2. I love this, dear Claine. I am reminded of something the Boston poet Bill Knott wrote somewhere:

    "Every autobiography
    longs to reach out
    of its pages
    and rip the pseudonym
    off its cover."


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