Thursday, December 7, 2017

Kit Kelen #705 - almost there

almost there

past dented moon
cicada days
not quite out of the woods

the way still lit
branches still hold up

there isn't a handshake seals this
but onward!

all know whither
almost out of puff by now

as if towards the finishing line

and if I'd not been all along on the way

almost an echo
in twinkling of a rumble road
as all the world flies past

and if I hadn't then
you'd never know, would you?

mad race till the chariot's wrecked for good

almost on all fours

from daub to done
from inkling to idea

almost pregnant with the pause

stirred almost to action

almost in the larger life
and home hosed almost

just about all said and done
still up to old tricks

eyes almost open
as if about to speak

say my goodnights all
lit with the other world
the one that isn't
and all the others still

lost to an almost caus

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