Friday, December 15, 2017

Rob Schackne #545 - Instructions for a Dissident (redux)

Instructions for a Dissident 

First, do not (whatever you do)
organize yourselves into perfect cells
it’s a dead giveaway, other people talk
plus, resist creating magical crowds

Second, do not talk to bigmouths
even if their conscience is a lighthouse
even if the one you really want is the wife
she’ll spill every bean you've got

Third, prepare to be shoved hard into a cell
yes, on that old street with the worst kind of bars
with big doors they lock you in from the outside
(five years is the standard sentence now)

Fourth, (yes this is also vital, so listen up)
know that everything you know will be blocked
so write enough poetry to last the next five years
then trust someone to release it periodically

Fifth, sixth and seventh, (this is important too)
the sunshine and the blue sky and the breezes
how your baby looked when he first tasted a banana
how you and your wife first made love, aching love.


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