Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kit Kelen #728

must have been distracted

lost my train of thought
I know there had been something important there
I wondered if you might have remembered
because you might have been thinking what I was thinking
but I could see you were lost in thought yourself
I retraced what I could and returned to the crime scene
came up with a blank
was it something I'd read? eaten? discovered?
wracked scone but no avail
I think it was something sluggish in the weather
maybe something from the night before
and then I noticed where I was
though not quite sure
a certain trill of tune took me
rain on the roof was reminiscent
I thought of the day ahead
instructions I was bound to follow
how we got here
what's next to do
the topic list
the shopping
where I'd left my resolutions
who I am
will be
then I lost that thread
I was talking to myself again
I don't suppose anyone would notice
but there was a thing I had to tell somebody still
skip that
something more important
corner of the eye you know
a fly stuck still on the glass
was it trying to understand
how it could perch on an ocean of air
and be flightless
you can see through the wings
but I don't suppose a fly can
was it stuck remembering too?
I think it was just a thought
it was never going to be a butterfly, was it?

it's a good thing I've written all of this down
now that we've gone to the one dream
which is nowhere to be at all

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  1. That fly thinks "I am a butterfly". Don't ruin it!


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