Thursday, December 7, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 368 - The Barnaby

The Barnaby

egotists the hungry ghosts
struggle to live life
on an even keel  belly up
to the bars    ectoplasm dropping

up and down the urban trails  
in the hinterland with litch gates
looking down at land   chewing
on development  with dirt  stirring
water in   add sand 
the pellets
of their leavings  

it’s a garrison town
it’s a dormitory suburb 
a transit hub
our entertainment precinct  
 leaf litter  droppings  and the bowers
 painted up in tea bags
 berry inks

all the tricky trash and tatt
ghost-bright eye-spied

how we live
this place   thick with it
new rodents  and no traps


  1. both hands in the air, paint your nose bright red, and a hat!

  2. you put your foot in your mouth
    you do a smug pout
    show that you know nothing
    and you shake it all about


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