Friday, December 8, 2017

Kit Kelen #706 - summer loves us

summer loves us

past spring's last page this wilderness

who knows why the birds want in
maybe too much day has made them dizzy

and we sing along
cicadas much in mind

spiders cast cob
windows web

breath comes slower now
things rot fast

all summer loves
much winged the empty air

and insects crawl
smaller than seeing

the whole sky's over me
every last inch

clouds come forested to tell

turns out we're so much skin
it's just how we're bitten

just watch the landscape rising

limbs of the autumn trim spread out

then let the house grow too
we're not Norwegians, we won't paint
but sit and drink with them

world swells
till will it burst? who knows?
no one's ever come this far

there must be some Malthus Cassandra
has to be choked at birth

all to-do arrows
are every whichway

even sleeping
splash of light
summer loves us still

air's denizens
make tangents sharp
and coo and trill and swim

aren't we sunk?
can't we see the surface?
won't we shine
just looking up?

there must be a ladder out of all this

or are we come to dust?

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