Sunday, December 31, 2017

Kit Kelen #729 - I count myself among them

I count myself among them

all these people desperate
to be saved from themselves
desperate to transcend
to be beyond beside themselves

with gods and demons
pills, good angels
exercise, the magic diet
helpful books and shopping - just the act of it
or work - for goodness sake

to diss the body too
in favour of abstract thinner-than-air
such as forever rumoured

poem of the morning -
that will get you off the hook

who knows of what they are capable?

and here they are with all there is
there cannot be more wonders

these are the monsters years have imagined

and were they to pause a moment
each would hear music of the clock that keeps them
that they keep
would know the preciousness of time
the mechanism
and their own running down

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