Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kit Kelen #703 - in a forest trees for every window

in a forest trees for every window


more than we count on

the way

here I am
needn't imagine the birds

cast a shadow in the dotted rain
because a sun says yet

to apprehend a rival world
mere wings required

and other jobs are upside down
just to get a beak in

to be the weather's very edge

so see the logic of next things

all the years of me are here

in the trill breeze
where you curl up close

with energy to say I am

there is above
there's this wire to earth

how anciently we rise
and call occasion to us

a tin roof to a cloud's catch
is how we can be here

and not remember how we came

in the open air
where sweet rain says a fall

all for the first time
although it must have been before

in windows of a forest fit
look after all selves

I cannot know how the banquet was built
radio static bears me away

these trees collect
draw up
call down

and never home themselves
won't whisper
but we lend a breeze
to live in

imagine returning
but it's not twice the same

if you were seeing it for the last time
you would say goodbye to yourself

better always not to know
lie down so you look up


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