Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rob Schackne #538 - Some Things To Talk About (redux)

Some Things To Talk About

Nights in white satin
hey Joe where you going
give me a piece of your heart
woke up this morning
and got myself a beer
2000 light years from home

what have they done to our fair sister
we wanted the world
never reaching the end

walls are built of cannonballs
we won't get fooled again
turn out the lights
she asked me to stay

wasn't it good
with my old age
and my wisdom
when the music's over
save our sinners
the songs we sang
some things to talk about


  1. You keep me hangin' on.......to love somebody

  2. I am the God of hell fire and I bring you - Fire! I bring you to burn!


  3. community radio
    buck dancer's choice
    and the big beat


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