Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Kit Kelen #704 - Two Poems - Eternal Return

eternal return

sometimes I'll just look at the day
possibilities already lost

ask how many creatures share this with me
unknown to even themselves

the seen-so day's
all bright beginning

how many wildernesses to my patch?
stretch into light's flow to show

some days brittle
ache to crack

so much like religion

all invisible to themselves
practise not to squander

and we not knowing why

and I just anywhere
breeze borne

that's the open window 

I have to go back

among the words lost

a trail of me
and what a wood!

there isn't a way I've come
where the plot was gone
anything just happens

still follow along for the sunshine

come to the home of cicadas
come to where the frog tells 'o'

paint the heart mind blank

there's no writing for those
won't see the wonders
they're not reading either

much more naked
come to the door

there is no arriving here

go back to the dream before


  1. the past is the present future
    a turning door
    is the creak a cicada?


  2. So I was rabbiting on
    to a mate today about
    how cultural difference
    doesn't impede
    the universal archetypes
    when he looked at me
    and said Rob what did you expect


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