Monday, October 17, 2016

Chrysogonus #68 - watching fado in Macao

watching fado in Macao 

old fortress
under moon that blooms

gentle sea breeze
of a humid October night

husky contralto
belting the ballad out

from her throat
deep the waves

in which we swim
ears least perhaps

this is rhythm
all in the chest

where memory
is found

because of the words
all out of language

because as the singer says
this is heart's translation 


  1. benteng tua
    ternaung rembulan mekar

    lembut angin laut
    di lembab malam bulan Oktober

    serak suara kontralto
    hentak alun balada

    dari leher
    ombak menderu

    membawa kami berenang
    telinga di atas arus

    ritme ini
    semua dalam dada

    tempat kenangan

    digali kata-kata
    dari luar bahasa

    laiknya ucap sang penyanyi
    inilah terjemahan hati

  2. Beautiful. Perfect. Both yours and Kit's.

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  4. P.S. Alas, Chrys, I have no Bahasa, but reading the words - it must sound very beautiful.

  5. inilah terjemahan hati!

    bahasa bagus untuk puisi!

  6. Rhythmic and evocative Chrysogonus. You have me thinking about 'in the chest

    where memory
    is found'

    Heart memory? I love that.


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