Wednesday, October 26, 2016

David Gilbey #6 Octopus Revival

Octopus revival

To rediscover the art of takoyaki invite friends in autumn.
It’s important to buy the right packet mix from the Co-op
and the octopus should be tender for its new world resurrection.
Finely chop shards of pink ginger, orange carrot, slivers of spring onion.
If you’re lucky, get some tempura flakes and grated cheese.
And better buy sausage which the kids will prefer anyway.
Carefully over-half-fill the moulds (I didn’t tell you about these, did I?) with mix.
Add the solids. Cover with a calculated spillage
which is then scooped & pressed by dextrous chopsticks
into the evolving hemispheres.
Striations of flavour inscribe the globes
hanging, with hybrid Greek salad, umeboshi and camembert

in their new galaxy.


  1. the poetry recipe book is without doubt the only way forward
    the only real hope we have of selling poetry books
    I predict this as the next important genre

  2. Octopus, yes, camembert with it? Not so sure...


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