Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kit Kelen - Bronny's Rocket Scratchie

Bronny's Rocket Scratchie

this ticket was purchased
a long way back

gold tipped like a pyramid
astronauts brought

when we were only kids
(memory's all gravel and scratch)

our age was harmless speculation
took off some skin and all sorts of dings

we bounced around like dodgems then
till a dinner gong called us in

now the sun is under a rocketship sky
further down, see another one's sunk

smudge clouds make an horizon
a kind of curved geometry

gravity keeps the littlies falling
a distance proportional to the square

of elapsed... ouch the boat is lost
that brought us across

those pines of the distance
about to take off

no knowing which way
they'll fly 



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