Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lucy Alexander #34 The Girl/The River

She lifts her feet
the green will swallow
all those shapes that
her heart makes
rippling the water
throwing back leaves
like so many photosyntheses.

Pollen rests on the skin
of the water
and so for a while does her mind
the smooth unfurling
the river’s possibilities
the song of it
calls her from right below the breastbone.

You know the moment
just before you fall
that smack of the unknowable
pressing in from every direction,
you could not find a greener gesture
you could not move

more easily into the future.


  1. Captures the 'could not move' sense so wel.

  2. Lucy, Lucy, this is wonderful. The unfolding and the conclusion are so very fine. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Bronwyn and Rob! Delighted you enjoyed it!

  4. You take us to the edge of our own rivers - wonderful


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