Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #271 In the space of a generation

More Indigenous kids in remote
Australia are killing themselves
than anywhere else in the world.
In the space of just one generation,
the problem has gone from virtually
non-existent, to endemic.

In the space of a generation

Despite the meaning of the headline
This is not a measure of time
but a measure of space
actual gaps where children used to be


  1. Horrible, Mikaela. Sensitive and connected children. Something this culture did. The gap was hope. That space now stolen. Like destroyed. Many feel like this, I know, cut off and can't get back. So horrible.

    1. In my family, all the first borns son's but one have committed suicide, it is dreadful. We watch the boys closely and I think it makes us parent differently. Hard to say.

  2. so true, and brothers, then uncles and so on. We are like a row of teeth, gapped.

  3. I have spent a lot of time this year working on an artwork also on this topic. Once the exhibition is happening I will post a photo. For me the true point of art and poetry is to find some way to breathe through the unbearable.

  4. The powers that be have blood on their hands.

  5. We must speak, share and push this truth home ...

  6. Wonderful Mikaela, opens up a flood.


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