Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rob Schackne #104 - Six Unrelated Poems

Six Unrelated Poems


She’s speaking English
very loudly at the next table
but now talking very softly
after she gets a look at me
seems they’re both architects
stealing as much skyline as they can
sometimes a writer’s like that too
when they get up to leave I say
goodbye she glares at what


Root canal therapy
between afternoon
& evening classes
a charming dentist
her gentle hand
the frequent rinses
it must be Spring


Seneca's words on 
the perfect shortness of life
I cannot download


Special hand for
Sunset on guitar!
After Party on bass
Nightfall on the drums
Good Future on piano!
Weather Forecast on violin
Tomorrow’s Breakfast on bump!
The Bastard Orpheus who did
The runner with our money!
Your ears for working so hard
Thank you all for coming! 


What can you do
to prevent dementia?

Get a humanoid robot
to answer simple questions.


Hey Tom, how are you?

A beer?
Yes. A glass of beer.

She can’t pronounce /r/

He confuses /l/ and /n/

No /th/ sound in their L1
Dis, dat, dem…dere dirty too

Walk into class and say, “How are you?”
She says, “How are you?”
I say, “No. How are you?”
She says, “No. How are you?”
I say, “I’m good thanks”
She says, “No. How are you?”

Come here. Go there.

No final consonant sound
They swallow every word

Mashed potatoes?



  1. made me smile! lovely and polished.

    (My Welsh grandfather had a Norwegian friend called Peter Poulsen. One day, they were all sitting around after work and Peter said 'Ven I vas married, I vas dirty and my vife vas dirty too'. My grandfather retorted 'Why didn't you wash then, you dirty buggers?' Peter chased him around with an axe.)

  2. Legs waggling in the air laughing.....Robbie....and Ron this is just the sweetest and a swooping poem so good.

  3. Well fat fingers I mean ROB of course, the laughing got a misstrike see.

  4. made my day - thank you, no seriously, thank you, Rob

  5. Nice one Rob, enjoyed over here, too.


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