Monday, October 17, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #277 Watching the last episode of 'Six Feet Under' again (for Chrys)

before dawn we heard a crow
our son told us a big black bird
was searching our yard
all afternoon, yesterday
as he quietly studied

I don’t believe in this, I think
but the crow was here

spirits are rising

I turn to a story of families
watch the last episode again
fade to white fade to white
scene to scene
I trace in them a sonogram of the heart
in all its failings
watch the story over
I know the patterns well
I’ve watched it many times
still I cry with every death
every death of every character
we loved together
trying to learn how to do this


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  2. Dear Sarah, A favourite show of mine too. Your poem reminded me why it struck such a chord. Thank you.

  3. And thank you,Rob, it is an incredibly uplifting series. I am glad you like it too.

  4. Thank you, Sarah.

    This brings back all those deaths.......

    The scene that never failed to make me cry


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