Monday, December 19, 2016

Fei #5

Hypothetical 5

'I love my flowers, but you know
I can accept them whatever they become
whatever happens to them
whether they live or die'

'Really? What if I throw them out of the window now'

'em… Then I will throw you out too'

I had thought until now 
that I had had enough life experience 
to calmly face things, with a cool head


假想所爱永远不在 我依然活得自在


“我現在對我的花 愛得坦然”
“那我现在随便把一朵摘断也可以咯” 朋友问
“嗯… 那我大概会和你拼命诶” 

究竟要吹多少的風 淋多少的雨
原来 我还是不敢坦然终老

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