Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kit Kelen #341 - propelled


what is the most useful thing in the world?

all of the universe holding its breath
desert island scene

everything about to be
to do its being stuff

a sun stuck setting
the moon getting dressed

then this meteoric fall
the sea above the dreaming

all waiting for me to decide
what's the most useful thing in the world?

everything fresh
much older than the rites of witness

green grass more ancient
than the watching mantis
or this warm blooded new arrival
the one with wings who soars

sun's the newest of them all
what fool was it thought of fire?

there's so much junk to choose from
at last the island chooses you

what have you brought?
what would you keep?
how will you hang yourself up
between palms?

all through life
this voice
couldn't work out
whether I pursued it
or it me
old scratchy recordings
washed up
couldn't make out a word

here's the sacred river running
and here are the cities of the plain
clay feet
Ozymandias off with the clouds

is it sarong or sausage
pillow or portmanteau?

nothing more useful than a poem
it turns the day around

this bread for the hungry soul
makes up for almost any lack

these are the tears that wouldn't have come

that's what a poem can do

last thing I heard was a death bed confession
just a bunch of mumbles
the benediction mine

between the lines
when life was lived
in the very breath
of words

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  1. when life was lived
    in the very breath
    of words

    I love that.... sounds like an epitaph, doesn't it!!


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