Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rob Schackne #186 - Punchy Penado #6 (Farewell)

Readers who have followed Punchy this far (and been to his fights) must now bid him farewell. The 12 rounds, well he was lucky, is all his old body can take. He says he might retire or he might not. Any road, let's wish that he has better luck in the future, and he gets rid of the mechanical cat and the wind-up life. (And of course his manager.)



On again
getting ready
he is gym rat no. 1
horror leaves the skin
music just arrives
silk sheets and a cat
drills & weights
sauna room boom
the day after tomorrow
how goes the will


The last round
is too consonant
need to get happy
how you move
O you can fly
check it out
to another life
does it belong
the ancient injury
the heart is open wide
the people stand and cheer



  1. I enjoyed the series very much indeed... too bad it's finished!

  2. At least he got a cheer! Better than most can expect.


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