Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kit Kelen #354 - veranda-ish


in the magnificence

call seasons to me
sit for some

listen up for neighbour birds
and lesser wings

(clouds of the nameless
gather round)

wear a tin hat
for the weather

be by the view taken
have my portrait here

by perch precarious
sway twig to tip

and all a chat sung branch to
life vicarious

when something sweet rots on the breeze
then let's say summer

veranda is
the place declaiming

all garden in attendance under
dutiful, if barefaced bold

there's always a song to come
strings ready

lessons in every atom bent
but not for now, not today

here now far beyond the stars
the ancient telescope leans

corner webbed 'cause spider was
python will be

all things considered
later beer might

but for the moment
biscuit, tea


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