Sunday, December 18, 2016

Setting up the Computer - Day 17 - Sara Dowse

A new one has taken up residence here     
the nursery the dining table
cluttered with the all the techno-paraphernalia
the neonate requires.
Wi-fi, manuals, plugs, adapter,
still a maze of cords and wires.

As for me, I am not new to this
I’ve been here, done this
many times before.
This little Apple wonder
is, let me see, my sixth,
not to mention the miscarriages,
the stillbirths – Osborne early 80s,
Z-88 later on.

No, this child arrives with a pedigree,
sleek and slim as you’d wish,
and though I’m a dab hand with them,
grand multipara you’d say,
each little newcomer comes
with its own newcomer demands.
Each has its system,
each its own way of crying,
keeping me jumping all through the night.
This one’s mouth is wider than the others
but the birth weight’s kilos lighter
so I’m feeding it slowly
just to see how it goes.


  1. Ha Hah indeed :) yes proceed with caution then let it run around awhile but keep 10m of rope on hand. Is it sleeping ok yet?

  2. I have an enormous inability to read manuals. Yesterday trying to read a manual, not a computer, but a camera of sorts, and my brain starts to drop out after about two seconds. Same happens with computers. Tame them!


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