Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Magdalena Ball #30: The Sincerity of Structures

The Sincerity of Structures

a hot wind blows up leaves
hiding in the shade

our fingertips trap ash
like snowflakes, orange sky red sun

the sincerity of structures
waiting, watching

the trees bend into it, sensing slowly
because those molecules know

differently, communicate with creaks and whispers
signals across the mycorrhizal fungal network

touch the sticky resin, it tells the story
forest blood, amber jewels

transmitting a message in branching roots
the firefront is coming

if you’re quiet enough, you’ll hear it crackle
the smell of approach

even the water is hot, flowing from a bottle
into your parched throat

dropping dark out of gutters, eyes blackened
hosing the walls

dirt and perspiration, the sincerity of structures
waiting, watching


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